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Thread: Pools around NKY/Cinci area that allow tails?

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    Unhappy Pools around NKY/Cinci area that allow tails?

    Does anyone know of any pools around the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area that allow tails?
    I tried the YMCA, but they apparently have had a hard ban on tails since 2016, and the Aquatics director even went as far as to react fearfully when i showed her my mono fin.

    I'd really not want to move out of this area as its very nice and i just resumed work on several personal issues, though i am willing to move in a year or so, but it seems everyone is banning tails across the board here.

    ~Mermaid Alki

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    I know what you mean, I live in this same area and there just are really not a lot of options. I have been looking too. My parents own a pool so i have been visiting there but its honestly not big enough. I do wonder if the florence aquatic center would be willing to set something up though. Maybe if it were like an organized meet up or event type deal. The truth is a lot of the places here are gonna throw the insurance deal or excuse at us. But if you have any luck please share amd if i any i will post back to the board

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    I know the LA Fitness on Turfway in Florence allow monofins, but their pool is tiny, like, two-three fin flicks and you've crossed it, only has two lanes, is very shallow and like 2 to 3 feet deep, also the manager said I couldn't use my monofin if anyone else was in the pool. I swam there for a few weeks before I decided a $30+ monthly payment wasn't going to work for just simple weekend swimming. According to a friend on facebook, Coney Island might allow tails, and I'll investigate the Florence Aquatics Center.

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    Okay, So here is what i found out about the Florence Aquatic Center so far. I called them and spoke with someone and they told me they will allow mono fins either for the first hour of operation or from 6-7 in the evening they will make a lane for some one to use a mono fin to train in. they would prefer those times because there are fewer people at the park then and they feel its safer that way. Calling ahead would be a good idea and the entrance fee to the park for a Boone County resident is 10$. I did not ask about full tails right now with just the safety measure they would take for a mono fin i would probably say it would be a no. we will see what happens in time and if a good relationship will be established. if i get time in the next week or so i may check it out. I am using a Mertailor Fantasea fin and i will see the reaction on that. I did explain that i am doing the training for mermaiding though so they know.

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    So, out of curiosity I called up the Union Pool. I asked flat out if they allow mono fins and tails, and they responded that they do. Might go for a swim this weekend if i have time. Talk about a good find!! : D

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    Great to hear that. I have yet to go to florence. Though i would like to try my tail out in their pool. Happy for you though.

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    Just an FYI - the Mercy Healthplex allows monofins. Not sure about full tails as I don’t have mine yet, but I will let you know! I ordered a fabric tail and then realized - where am I gonna use it? I guess I’ll just have an excuse to go to Florida now!

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