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Thread: Relocating to Northern KY/Cincinnati Area, In need of swim spots and friends.

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    Relocating to Northern KY/Cincinnati Area, In need of swim spots and friends.

    So in a few (2 or less) months, I'll be relocating from North Texas to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Area, prob Florence or Union, somewhere around that general area, and as much as I like sitting around all day playing video games, reading books, and other stuff, I am on the lookout for new friends to show me around the area, and new swimming spots.
    I'll be purchasing a new monofin shortly after my relocation as my last one had to be recycled, and a full silicone tail later on this year once i save up enough.

    Anyone willing to be friends with this trans mermaid or point me in the direction of pools in the area that allow fins?

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ Mermaid Alki.

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    I’m new here, but I live in eastern Cincinnati! I’m also a trans mermaid and have been swimming laps at my gym with my monofin in preparation for getting a tail down the road. There are a few good lakes around to swim in. I’m not sure of which pools allow full tails. I know mine is cool with fins.

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    It's a bit of a journey from East Cinci, but the Union Pool in Union KY is completely fine with monofins, tails, and so on. Unfortunately its an outdoor pool and is only open during the summer, but its an option at least~

    Which pool/gym do you swim at?

    ~ Mermaid Alki.

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    Mercy Health Anderson HealthPlex! It’s just a lap pool, so it’s only 5.5’ deep, but it gets the job done! It’s cool that there are other Cincinnati mers! I thought I was the only one!


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