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Thread: Dalni Silicone Tail #2!

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    Dalni Silicone Tail #2!

    Its been about 4 years since I completed my first silicone yail, and after plenty of use and plenty of repairs, I wanted to make my own new tail! Ive finished all but 1 pair of fin sculpts and the fluke sculpt. Ill be doing an individual scale tail so Ill need to attach the scales and pain after I finish my sculpts. Here are my inspiration and beginning works!
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    Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see how this project unfolds!

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    Some fin sculpts

    Here are the sculpts Ive done for the side, heel and dorsal fins! Theyre all cast now and next is the fluke!
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    Fluke drawing vs full size template

    Once Im home from work Ill start working on the textures!
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    You're amazing.

    LOOOVE the inspiration and can't wait to see more WIP pics!!!

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    Thank you so much! I cant wait to keep working on the fluke sculpt tonight!

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    WOW your work is beautiful! Designs that intricate are a brave undertaking, and it seems to have paid off VERY well for you. Good luck on the fluke!

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    That fluke sculpture is beautiful!
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    you are soo talented❣️ i’m looking to get one cheap because I started a nonprofit for suicide and depressed youth. I Will need costumes for children as well as one for me for an upcoming feature article in the local publication and newspaper. I’ve used all my own money in this endeavor so I can’t afford one… Do you know the best company in the cheapest one I also want to get one that’s not going to fall apart after a few Wears. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Does anyone have any tips on making blended waist tails? I think thats what Id like to do for mine!


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