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Thread: Undersea Explorations online with Okeanos, Falkor, and Nautilus.

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    Undersea Explorations online with Okeanos, Falkor, and Nautilus.

    Did you know that you can watch live online while marine scientists explore, sample, and sometimes catch some pretty incredible footage? Following them on Twitter or FB for updates about when they're out at sea or not is a good idea, as well as their YT channels.

    Links to them and some video of their expeditions is below. I've seen some of this live and it is absolutely enthralling. Also, I love how excited the teams get.

    Schmidt Ocean Institute's RV Falkor

    The EV Nautilus (my favorite)

    And NOAA's Okeanos

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    Yes I did! I follow a few on youtube that are super interesting! I've seen these ones too.

    The Moteray Bay group often post really interesting videos.

    Right now they have a livestream of deep sea ocean sounds

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    Wow! Thanks for the info, looks very interesting and exciting!

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    Wow, looks interesting to watch! I like the deep ocean sounds a lot.

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    That sperm whale one is hilarious! You hear the guy in his serious voice talking all technical lingo. When the whale shows up, he's fan girling over it!
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    Woahh! This is so amazing, thanks for sharing this! The quality is so good, it doesn't seem real at all hahaha. Plus, those sea creatures look so surreal, as if they're out of a science fiction movie!


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