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Thread: Southern Merpeople Meet Up?

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    Southern Merpeople Meet Up?

    I know this is last minute but I'm thinking of going to Rock or Wekiva Springs tomorrow. I would love to meet some pod mates. If no one can make it I understand. I'll be moving closer to those springs so will most likely be the local Spring Mermaid in the area xD

    Hopefully can meet someone or some Merpeople soon. Have good weekend everyone.

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    I'm part of the Florida Springs Mermaids. You can find us on Facebook. We have over 40-50 mermaids (Maybe more. it's growing every day) all around Florida who love to get together an swim. Next time you want a group to swim with post on our FB page to see if anyone of around. How was Wakiwa? I love tubing on Rock Spring Run but last time I was there they wouldn't let us keep our tails on. (One of staff gave us some hidden areas to go to where he said we unofficially could swim...but warned us about alligators. Said it was at our own risk. We were ready to head out by then so we didn't look into more.)

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    Wekiwa was good. I was there before opening..WAY before opening and was the first person basically in except the campers. Later in the afternoon it got very crowded, but none of the employees had a problem with me swimming. I met a merman that works there and he introduced me to his Pod. I will definitely look up the Florida Springs mermaids. I am moving close to Rock Springs and Wekiwa, I also want to get back in shape so I want to try and visit every weekend.


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