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Thread: Merbella Studios wait time

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    Merbella Studios wait time

    Hey guys!

    What's Merbella's current wait time for custom silicone tails?


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    3 years

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    They are not taking custom orders anymore, I don't think they've officially taken them in over a year. But occasionally if someone cancels an order and she has a spot, she'll squeeze someone in. It's mostly premade items she puts up for sale while she works through her wait list.

    A mermaid on my team did a tail refurbish and it took a little over 2 years.

    it's worth the wait if you can manage, but like I said, I don't think she's taking new orders. When she does, she posts on her FB. Keep an eye out for the premade tails though!

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    She took on two of us last October for custom tails, but I think this is as Raina mentioned, due to a cancellation of prior clients. If you have the patience I would suggest watching the FB page or as I had done add a notification for their posts. That is quite literally how I lucked into seeing the opening around my wait to see if any of the premade tails were in my size or spoke to me. But as with most tail makers the way time is up there. I know the two of us who were taken on in October of 2017 were told this was a "open ended production slot" so that is something to consider if you are going to attempt to wait for such a similar opportunity to open up.

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    yeah there's a button you can press on the fanpages so you get direct notifications!

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    Thanks for the info guys I immediately turned on notifications for all posts on Merbella's page, that was a good suggestion!

    I hope Raven will take silicone orders in the future again, she is SO talented... I have a feeling she is overworked. Perhaps she could hire some assistants... but that's up to her, of course.


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