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Thread: Mermaids in Nebraska

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    Cool Mermaids in Nebraska

    Hi, everyone! I own two tails and would love to swim with people in my area who have one as well. I have a DiVentures right near my house (literally walking distance), and I would love for some people to swim with! Any mermaids out there in Nebraska? -G

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    Hello, I’m also a mermaid in Nebraska and live pretty close to the Diventures! We should meet up and swim! Sorry I don’t come on here very often!

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    I'm a few months late, but let me know if you guys ever want to plan a Meetup. I'm working on getting a new tail soon! ( I also live in Omaha near Diventures)

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    Hello, there is a mermaid swim at diventures this Friday! Itís at 7pm I believe and they will allow you to be with the mermaids even if you donít have a tail yet.

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    I'm a NE mermaid, but I live in Kearney Area I little to far for Omaha area....

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    I didn't know that there were these types of things in NE. Public gatherings of any kind are not really my thing though.

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    Thank god there's more of us! I thought I was the only one! Love from north platte

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