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Thread: Underwater Photography

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    Underwater Photography

    I am a retired harmless old guy and a scuba diver and an amateur underwater photographer. I'd like to tag up with merfolk in the Daytona Beach area so I can take some pics and videos just for grins (totally non commercial). I have heard some of you train at Alexander Springs. If it is OK to shoot pics I would appreciate it if you would let me know when training or practice is being done locally so I can tag along. And of course I share pics and videos. :-) Thanks!

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    welcome, diver dave!

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    Welcome to the Waters DiverDave. Do you have any stills of your underwater photography?

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    There are some florida groups on FB where people plan meetups. You may want to check those out

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    Diver Dave you can check out Florida Springs Mermaids on Facebook. We have little and big Meet Ups periodically around Florida at different springs. When we host Meet Ups we ask that the mermaids and photographers sign photography releases and liability waivers. We have both mermaids and underwater photographers who attend the meetups. The photographers then share the photos usually via Facebook. It's good experience for both the mermaids in front of the camera and the photographers. And since we are meeting as a group, it's safer than meeting up 1:1 with an unfamiliar photographer.

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