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Thread: Questions about Seatan's hybrid method?

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    Questions about Seatan's hybrid method?

    So his thread seemed pretty old I wasn't sure about posting on it. But my questions:

    1. Who has tried this and how well does it hold up? I am worried it will like end up peeling after a while?

    2. Do you think I could make a fabric tail and lightly paint on it with like lumiere paints and still cover it with dragonskin? Or would the paint make this method not work well?

    TIA xxx

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    Hi! I used Seatan's method on a tail I made
    I think it worked pretty well and overall I'm happy with how it came out, but in hindsight I would have poured the silicone a little thicker. It has peeled in some places, especially on the heels where it scrapes the most.
    I only used the method on the body of my tail and not the fluke so can't really comment on how well that holds up.

    I think it's a great way to protect your painting! That's essentially what I did, as I had a dot foil fabric that I painted and wanted to protect.! this is my tail making thread if you're interested, don't be fooled by the name I changed my mind a lot haha
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    Does anyone have a link to Seatan's tutorial?


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