Well a while ago I made a post about getting my first monofin. I didn't happen because of me.....in the heap of my excitement I typed in my information and press buy without over looking it. I sent it to a wrong address that dose not exist and the notification on my phone saying the delivery failed. I went to my local post office and ask if it was there and I gave them the delivery information I printed out before I left. They told me it was not there but at another post building in the historic downtown city that was a mile away from where we were. We made it there and showed them the same paper and told them that I missed the delivery yesterday, she did not bother going back to look because of their policy that packages that are failed to be delivered are sent back to where they came from. I called Amazon to get my money back and they said they will. It's been over 6 month and no refund. By this time I already earned my cash back from work. So last night I ordered it again from the same buyer on Amazon and reordered them + with neoprene socks from the same brand. Now I know it's gonna arrive on my door step this time. And I'll will post a video of me swimming in it!

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