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Thread: Rain's Tailmaking Progress

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    Rain's Tailmaking Progress

    I'm a bit under the weather and dreaming of the fun to come to help pass the time so I figured I'd go ahead and start a post to share my progress as it happens. It'll probably be a little slow but I'm hoping this will help keep me on track!

    Until my next craft show I'm only able to afford a little bit here and there. After the last show, I bought a small amount of silicone and some cheapo amazon pigments to play around with while I settle on a design for my tail. This is what I came up with after a couple of days of just goofing off :P I still need to clean up the excess silicone, but overall I'm happy that they turned out even remotely decently. Next time I'm going to make them using proper scales and a better fin, but I'm not complaining over how these turned out for a first try!

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    Ooo nice!!! Next one will turn out perfect.
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    I'd say your first try was pretty great!

    I LOVE how the colour gradient turned out! Well done!

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    Thank you! I'm so happy with them-went for a quick splash in the back yard kiddie pool and they even moved around a bit like real fins! I'm *really* looking forward to starting this project now.

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    Eeeep! My Mahina has been ordered! I'm going to be using this one for fabric tails while I get used to mermaid swimming again. I'm really excited for my first real monofin! Last time I did any mermaiding, we had no idea it was a "thing" and zip-tied bifins together!

    After this, I'll be working on getting my Finis Rapid and finalize the designs for "the" tail

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    OH GOSH thats so exciting!!!

    The Mahina is definately one of the monofins I want to eventually get! That one and the Luna, and the new Mertailor Fantasea Fin heh.

    Glad to hear your swim went well!

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    *dances* guess who started sculpting her fins?

    (Blah, cant get the photo to upload on my phone)

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    looking good
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    You ever have a plan change on you out of nowhere?

    I just got the most beautiful Black Orchid betta fish...and he's just so perfect that I kept imagining a mermaid tail styled after now my original whale shark idea is on the back burner for a future tail. Luckily, the fins I've already sculpted still work with the new plan!

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    Yeah...I'm definitely NOT using my Mahina merfin in this tail (I'll save it and the Hydra for my fabric tails). It doesn't have anything close to the power needed to handle the beach currents here.

    To be fair, I was planning on saving up for a Leaderfin anyway....but the thought of using the Mahina had crossed my mind for a short moment.

    And even with the struggle, swimming in it was still a blast! I had so many people come up "to say hi to the mermaid" today

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    Life sucks sometimes. Sorry about the lack of updates-my workspace is currently housing the entire contents of my kitchen. The upstairs bathroom sprung a leak and we're dealing with massive water damage that needs to be repaired. Couple that with a car that wont start, and a freshly built computer that shorted out yet again, and you have a me with no extra money to spare for the foreseeable future.

    At least I can work on sculpting more fins once I get my workspace back...for my sanity's sake, maybe I'll find a spot somewhere in the house to set up a table. I've never gone this long without crafting *something*, and its definitely making me stir crazy.

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    Sorry to hear of all your troubles, I hope everything gets sorted out soon!
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