Hey, I am looking for people in the Bay Area to brainstorm a mermaid webseries. I have the general concept figured out but would love to have others throw in their ideas and create a collaborative project that can hopefully, get on its feet (or fins)

So here is the concept

~Foggy Shores~

Nihilist college student (idk name) has a fairly ordinary life; go to work, go to school, go home, watch a movie, and try to but fail at sleeping. But (she/he) begins experiencing almost disturbing changes, some of their teeth start falling out (sharper ones grow in its place), and their throat is horribly dry no matter how much they drink, and their skin is flaking and becoming dry as well. Almost . . . Like it were growing scales.

While their symptoms worsen, we are introduced to a mermaid/man writhing in the sand, their gills vanishing as they cough up water. Their legs at this point are almost complete, still covered in scales and connected by small strips of skin by now. Finally, their breathing calms, and with tearful eyes, she looks down at her new human legs. They are struck by excited exhaustion, a victory that drained all of their strength. This was it, the mermaid/man was finally human. At a cost . . .

For the legs they gained, they unknowingly took someone elseís away.

I got no idea how they would meet but the mermaid/man is given the name (idk what) while (idk name) grows a tail, the ancient spell is a permanent seal on their fates, so they find a temporary fix to the problem. (Idk what) must teach (idk name) mermaid magic to give them the ability to have legs during the daylight, in the beginning (idk name) will loathe (idk what) for their ignorance and selfishness; for (idk what) didnít think to consider consequences (because in this world every spell a mermaid casts has a cost, equivalent to the spell casted. Though they didnít know the cost in this case, since they had only experienced smaller spells)

Iíd love to have the series have a sort of semi urban fantasy and semi morbid comedy/anti joke tone to it, so if anyone has any ideas or wants to contribute to this feel free to drop your two cents~

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