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Thread: First tail

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    First point of advice: DO NOT START WITH SILICONE PLEASE. if you’ve never swam in a tail please please please don’t dive straight into a silicone. If you’re really opposed to fabric please get a monofin and practise with that, using flippers or being a strong swimmer is not the same thing just FYI. If you can, borrow a friends fabric tail or something but please please please practise tonnes before getting a silicone.
    Maybe consider a FinFolk fabric tail or a swimtails pro or aquatails fabric tail, these have more “realistic” qualities but have more of the safety and ease as regular fabrics. Silicone is HEAVY, remember that.
    If you’re looking for a cheaper silicone have a look at some buy and sell groups for second hands. Also I think mertailor spellbounds are just over 1k and are great quality.
    Overall please just be safe and remember if anything bad happens to you because you’re inexperienced or unsafe it reflects badly on the whole community.

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