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Thread: Tailmaker suggestions

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    Tailmaker suggestions

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for a new tailmaker to do business with. I need to place a large order of 7 tails. I only want to work with someone professional, highly ethical, and who can produce quality. Suggestions.....and GO!

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    Not many can handle a batch of 7 but mertailor would probably be your best bet, sirenalia, or mernation

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    I would highly recommend mernation and you can look at pics on their web sight that have I think multiple tails on them. Their customer service rocks!

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    Mernation has done a couple of big orders before, their tails are amazing quality and their customer service is incredible! I reckon they could help you out

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    i would recommend mernation, from what i've heard their tails are of a high quality and like satine said their customer service is really good


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