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Thread: Mermaid Oracle's Silicone Tail Misadventure

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    I have yeah, but the solid fluke is definitely more my aesthetic, and I'm hesitant to invest more money in that sort of experiment right now haha.

    I'm probably going to keep adding layers of tinted silicone in the thinner spots, and hope when I paint it that helps as well. I'm thinking I didn't add enough pigment.

    I did lay out the fluke with the rapid in it to see what alterations I'll have to make to use this fin instead of the wave as per my original design.

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    That looks really really well created so far! (Especially for your first time)!!!

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    Thanks a lot!

    I had a bit of time before work so I thought I'd start assembling the fluke since it will be the most challenging part. It's been so stressful especially having no experience and thus no idea what to expect I still haven't trimmed the fluke but I will do that when it's sealed to make it more even. I may need to add some more drainage as well. I tinted the silicone used to fuse the halves together and it helped remedy the translucency.

    I put some of my weights on top and some heavy books to help it adhere. XD there's definitely some spots that will need further help though. I'm going to sculpt some ankle fins to help fill the gap where the wave and rapid differ in size as well.

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    Dang, that fluke looks even bigger in person! (Er, photograph. Whatever.) Also, is it just me, or is this tail progressing very quickly? Kudos to you, dear madam, on both accounts!

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    Thank you haha. I have very great dry, hot weather here in the desert so the silicone cures crazy fast! I'll have to start slowing down when it comes time to the scales since I only have enough molds to make about 100 at a time.

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    Last update for the day! I got it sealed together! I have some edges to seal a bit better and have to trim and even up the edges. I have sooooo many things I'd do differently the next time I make one of these.

    I'm glad I lift weights because I can flop the fin on dry land just fine; I was worried I'd not be able to lift it at all! It's coming together slowly but surely. I'm hoping I have enough silicone but honestly I'm pretty sure I don't. Idk when I'll be able to order more either since my cat is sick, but gotta keep moving forward! Hopefully I'll have some updates soon.

    Here's to show you the scale of this thing:

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    It's been awhile but I'm slowly finding time to pin the scales on there. Pardon my messy basement. Ugh. Kids and pets man. I think next time k make a tail I may just do the scale sheet method. This was really really hard and I'm not even halfway done. I probably won't have enough silicone left to paint with, so I'm going to use what I have and plan on painting it when I can get some more!

    I'm not happy with the color scheme so painting is a must. Hoping it will add the the depth and detail of color I'm after. /siiiiiiigh

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    I like the scale shape! Iím so excited to see how this turns out.
    Also, I know Iíve said this like five times already but I still canít get over the size of that fluke. Itís absolutely gorgeous.

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    Not really an update, though I'm not sure if I'm posting as accountability or for an audience haha, I've finally been able to pour some more scales. I'm going to make a bunch more scale molds tomorrow and hopefully knock out the rest of them over the week. I'm fortunate to live in a dry climate even though it's cold out, and my work space is the hottest room in the house as it's next to the furnace. Curing hasn't been an issue so far.

    My goal is still to have this done by June, so that I can paint it and give it a test in the lake here.

    I'll need to order more silicone for the paint job and slime coat, but I'm forcing myself to wait. In the mean time I'm considering ordering a basic silicone tail from a pro, to get my hands on one and see what I want to do as I make my own.

    I have difficulty with follow through with projects so holy moly is this hard.

    I'm graduating from grad school this May, and so I should have time to finish up I think in June. Wish me luck

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    I rigged up a system to allow me to better visualize things. I realized I absolutely hate my color choices LOL. Hopefully the airbrush will unify things a bit better. Darn I wish I'd thought this through a bit better. Anyways, I rigged up a broken camera tripod and a closet rod and threaded it up through the body of my duct tape dummy, which I will mount to the ceiling when I get to the gluing phase. I used a marker to black out my overall pattern, including where I will put the fins.

    I still need to make my pectoral fins and decide for sure if I'm doing a dorsal. I may not, just because of how heavy this thing will be.

    I also made molds using my existing scales so that everything is a bit more uniform. Once my next mold is cured I'll be able to pour about 100 scales at a time, meaning everything will be more efficient and cohesive.

    I'm thinking I need maybe two hundred more, but we will see. I also want to toss or trim the uglier scales, now that I will be able to make them en masse so I may need more than that.

    I will also need to figure out the waist bit. I'm considering a translucent fin a bit like Ariel has that way I don't have to struggle with a blended waist or anything.

    For my next tail I definitely want to pay better attention to coloring and patterns and work to make sure my molds are more symmetrical. /frustrated sigh

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    I've started attaching scales and it's uglier than sin lmao. But I'm determined to see this through. Next time it'll be much better haha.

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    A little more progress for today.

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    Mermaid Oracle's Silicone Tail Misadventure

    I like the dorsal fin!!!
    EDIT: wait no thatís a hip fin isnít it. My eyes arenít working. Still! I like it!

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    Ooo! Big dorsal fin! Me likey very much!
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    Okay so this thing gets uglier the more I work on it LOL. I finally had some time to try to finish this up enough so it's presentable and honestly I hate it so much. I'm almost done with assembly, then I need to fill in the gaps because I didn't know what the heck I was doing until the very end. But at least I did it.

    I'm going to get some psychopaint next week to try and make it look better.


    I can pretty much definitely say I did not enjoy this process. I'm not sure tail making is for me haha. If I were to do another tail there is A LOT I would do differently that's for sure.

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    Ugh and I just remembered I did not coat the inside of this thing before I attached the damn fluke so now I'm not certain what I'm going to do about that.

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    At least you had a dam good go at it and 10 out of 10 for effort.. half the people who have silicone tails probably never even tried or thought of giving it a go xx

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    Bllllllllargh. Almost done. Ran out of silicone lol. Since I was unhappy with it, I let my kids mix the purple pigment and help me paint the fluke and body. So it's not perfect, but my kids helped me. My daughter thinks it is gorgeous and honestly??? That's all I care about. She loves it. I bought another gallon of silicone for the finishing touches and then this baby will be done!

    My little girl drew me mermaids. I have to share this with you guys because it's my favorite thing she's ever made me. She's 4.

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    Its amazing!!! Soo beautiful I wish I could do what you do!

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