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Thread: Activewear Company Makes Clothes From Recycled Fishing Nets

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    Activewear Company Makes Clothes From Recycled Fishing Nets

    I think this is a great idea. A company called The Girlfriend Collective ( ) is making microfibre leggings, tops, etc. from recycled plastic, and they are making a new, lightweight line from recycled plastic fishing nets.

    This is great because it gives fishermen an incentive to bring back their fishing nets and get some cash for recycling them, instead of just tossing them overboard where they cause all the problems for marine life we are aware of.

    Here's their page on the program

    Too bad they don't make boy clothing. I'd buy some right away.

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    Yes, that idea is great! For swimwear, rashguards and such there is also a company called Fourth Elements. They use the same approach in their OceanPositive line of products. They do male sizes, too.


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