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Thread: Any Roseville/Yuba City Merfolk?

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    Any Roseville/Yuba City Merfolk?

    Hi! So, I'm pretty new to the MerNetwork, but I'm sort of a veteran mermaid. I've been wanting to join this site for so long, because I want to reach out to mermaids in my community! I was wondering, does anyone live in Roseville or Yuba City? I'm mainly in Yuba City, but I visit Roseville often so I might be able to do a meetup there! If you are, please say so! I'd love to get to know you!

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    Hello! I am in the Roseville area. I am new to mermaiding, though.

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    I'm from San Jose, but I visit Chico often, so I'm up in that area a lot!

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    hi kira, i also live in roseville! i'd love to get to know some local merms as i'm very new to all of this. would love to grab a coffee sometime!

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    I'm based out of Sacramento! I've only met two other mers since moving here - but it would be cool to meet more folks.

    Has anyone attended the Sacramento Mermaid Con in July? I've never been but plan on going this year.
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