Iím almost 13 and Iíve been mermaiding for 5 years now and I think Iím going to step it up from my old fabric tails and buy a mertailor spellbound tail for 1,750. Currently I have 177 dollars so I do have a lot to go. I am starting my work with swim lessons/ swim chaperone and ski lessons/ ski chaperone, as well as babysitting and dog walking. I am known to work hard until I reach my goal, so I think it can be done in 7 months, a total stretch but then it can take up to 6 months To ship so Iíll have it by my 14th birthday or christmas. Does anybody have any tips to help me. (Donít worry about my swimming ability in a silicone tail for I have used my friends spellbound tail and I was fine and I am lifeguard certifies)

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