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Thread: San Diego Mermaids!?

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    San Diego Mermaids!?

    Hi, Iím kayla I recently moved out here because of my job and I was hoping to find other people who like swimming around and doing mermaid shit like me, Iím really hoping to find cool locations to do photo shoots and just hang out at(Iíve got the camera donít worry) so yeah if your interested hit me up

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    I'm in San Diego! I'm located close to carlsbad!

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    (waves her fluke)

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    Seriously, there are at least three pro mermaiding groups in this city, but no one's in the pod???

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    *waves from south OC*

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    Hi! I only currently own a monofin, but I love photography (with my iphone lol) and swimming in the ocean! I currently reside in vista, CA but love swimming at La Jolla Cove!

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    Yoooo I'm in San Diego too. And late to the party, as ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theskydancingmermaid View Post
    I'm in San Diego! I'm located close to carlsbad!
    Oh my goodness such a gorgeous tail ! Where is that pool youíre swimming in, I find it so hard to find pools thatíll even let me swim in my monofin

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    I'm in San Diego!

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