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Thread: Mers in Lower Saxony (Germany)?

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    Mers in Lower Saxony (Germany)?

    Any mers in lower Saxony, preferably near Brunswick (Braunschweig)? I'm from Salzgitter and searching for mers who would like to meet up and swim together.

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    Yup, nearly where I am. (Sticking to English, as this is an international site. ) Living east of Celle and working north of Brunswick. Although I have scaled down my inner merman a little recently in favour of scuba diving, that's more or less because there are not many others I know of to swim with, let alone places to swim in.

    Currently I have two self-made tailskins for the smaller of my two monofins, but the opportunities for using them are really scarce.

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    only real saxony here... sorry
    just a random Kelpie... "wanna come to my lake?"


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