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Thread: Mer-jobs Near Chester or Richmond VA??

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    Lightbulb Mer-jobs Near Chester or Richmond VA??

    Iím an inexperienced mermaid and I am hoping to get into some kind of mermaid-related part time job within the next year and honestly I just donít know where to start. RVA doesnít have a big aquarium that I know of so I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where to look.

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    If you're inexperienced, swimming in an aquarium should not be something you try to do. The best way to gain some experience is to do a lot of practicing in your tail and do birthday parties. You can ask your friends and family to help spread the word and possibly earn some clients.
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    I’m in Henrico! Have you had any luck?

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    I'm in the Midlothian area and dont even have a tail..yet... good luck tho

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