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Thread: Silicone Mermaid Tail up for Grabs!

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    Silicone Mermaid Tail up for Grabs!

    I'm posting to find out weather any mers would be interested in purchasing this tail.
    I am thinking of making a new one and would use the funds from selling this one on to buy materials.

    Waist 69cm
    hips 93cm
    feet-waist 93cm
    knee to waist 52cm
    hips to wast 20cm
    Dress size 8/10
    Feet size 3/5

    Dragonskin silicone tail with fabric lining and leader fins mono fin. The mono fin had a crack, however I did remove as fix this and i haven't had any problems since.

    Looking for around £800
    plus shipping cost

    Take a good look at photos and triple check sizes as once purchased I wont be able to accept a return as I will be spending that money on more silicone!

    (For some reason It wont let me add photos to this thread, so please follow this link to images and see the pink/purple tail with stripes!)
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    I'd LOVE to buy it, but its too small...

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    Oh that's a shame. I have really sort legs too D: I think it would be hard to alter.

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