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Thread: New Mermaid in CT!

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    New Mermaid in CT!

    Hello all! I’ve loved the water my entire life , but for most of my life I couldn’t swim. My parents sent me to classes as a kid, but for some reason the only thing that stuck was how to float on my back. My husband’s parents have an inground pool and when we first started dating, I committed myself to learning to swim. I lived in the pool that summer, and by the end I could swim enough that I felt comfortable. I just recently found out about Mermaiding and I was instantly hooked. I saw some wonderful reviews on FinFun, and thought it would be a nice tail to just get my feet wet in. (See what I did there? ) The first time I swam in my tail, it was pure magic. My husband was in shock. His wife who usually could swim *enough* was gliding through the water, spinning and laughing. It felt so natural to be in my tail. Wow, okay that was a long post, but I’m just a little excited. I’m hoping to meet with other mers in my area.

    Until then!
    Mermaid Galia
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    Hi welcome to the community and congrats!!

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