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Thread: Help with painting a silicone tail!!!

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    Help with painting a silicone tail!!!

    Hey guys! So Iíve had my tail for about 2.5 yrs now, only wore it a handful of times, the tail itself (like the mold of the scales and everything) is in great condition but there was a thin layer of silicone that was colored and added ontop of the tail to give it color. Over time it has peeled away leaving the yellowish cloudy silicone color to my tail are there any tips on how to repaint it at a reasonable price?? What products do you recommend? Thanks!

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    can you post a picture of the tail? Who made the tail? Most of the time you can just mix Jacquard pearl ex pigments or eye shadow into the silicone and "paint" it onto the areas that need the repair. If its silicone caulk you can just pick that up at the hardware store, if its platinum silicone you have to get that online, typically its by the brand called Smooth-On.
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