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Thread: Mer Subcategories?

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    Mer Subcategories?

    hey guys,
    wouldn't it be fun if the forum had a subcategory of mermaid to choose from, which would be displayed instead of "member" under your avatar?
    I think that would be pretty cool, especially if it were searchable so you could check out what kind of mers are around!

    There could be either a variety of categories to choose from
    (like: mermaid/merman, nixie/nack, kelpie, selkie, siren, waterfairy, seaserpent/waterdragon),

    or even the option to let people put in their own "title" so to speak from a certain number of posts onward.
    I've seen this on other forums and loved it.

    Just an idea, not sure if it's possible to implement retroactively.

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    This would be sweet!!! I'd be "Water Demon" for sure, even though that isn't listed! Hehehe ♥
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