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Thread: Modifying Mertailor Eco

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    Modifying Mertailor Eco

    Hello! Long time no see MerNetwork!

    I was wondering if anyone has ever modified their mertailor eco to fit a mahina monofin, as in like underwear style.
    I love my mahina but not the skin I have for it and I love my mertailor skin but not the aqaurius monofin so I though why not combine the two?
    I'm not a big sewing person so I'm just looking for some visual references or any tips/advice so I don't screw this up lol


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    Fold tail in half length ways. Mark center with a washable marker. I use Crayola Washable Markers.

    Place tail on merfin.
    Use ruler to draw in the lines from the middle where you have marked it, to the side of the tail where the scale print turns into the fluke print. Do the same for the other side.

    Cut along these lines allowing a 1cm edge from the line. Fold over on this line and sew in with zigzag stitch. This gives the fluke a nice clean edge and makes the fabric in this part of the tail stronger, as it will be under a lot of stress from constant flexing and pulling due to swimming and insert/removing of the monofin.
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