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Thread: Goth/Nerd Pod

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    Hello. While i am not really goth in my day to day life my Mersona has accidentally shifted from bright, bubbly, and colorful to goth siren, i have absolutely zero idea how this has come to be but it has so i shall roll with it. My fangs and claws are coming today and my wolf skull mask will come in two weeks time along with my webbed fingers, now i must make the perilous journey through the mountains of humans to the store to buy some dark water proof makeup. Onwards!

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    I'm both a nerd and metalhead more than goth but this year was a huge goth like phase for me.

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    I'm a metalhead and goth, although my mersona is the complete opposite! It's great to meet fellow alternative mers!

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    Definitely a nerd, and a nerd who plays Vampire the Masquerade and similar games, so some goth tints. I'm usually more colorful and softer than my impression of goth tends to be, though.

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    Not sure if I count as “goth” per se, but the vibe i’m going for with my mersona is definitely on the darker side; more of a creature-y interpretation. I’m absolutely in love with that coelacanth tail that MerNation made [X], if that gives any indication. Oh, and def a nerd.

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    Hey! I have no clue if this thread is still alive but I'm a goth/metalhead and a MASSIVE nerd!! Feel free to add and message me!!

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