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Thread: Portable Mermaid Silicone Tail Stand

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    Portable Mermaid Silicone Tail Stand

    My husband and I built v2 of our drying stand. The previous design was a “bident” made of PVC that inserted into the foot pockets to hold the tail up. This is generally illl advised for silicone tails especially ones with heavy flukes, so the stand could not be used for long term storage or display. The first design my husband and I created from a modified version of this model: . The second version is upgraded to galvanized steel pipes and pieces and a U shaped hook that holds the tail by the side of the fluke instead of the Monofin foot pockets. Now it can be used not only for drying but also permanent display of my tail.

    I will be posting the method on my YouTube channel MERMAID SIRYNA and we are considering making these to ship if anybody is interested.
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    That's amazing! I've been trying to figure out a way to hang tails without holding it by the foot pockets!

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    Oooh! Very simple and clever! I might suggest a foot pocket support inside just to preserve its shape against deformation with eventual sagging on the sides. I've seen some folks having issues with that via keeping their tails flat.


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