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Thread: Anyone Alter Fin Fun Monofin?

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    Anyone Alter Fin Fun Monofin?

    Hey guys! New swimmer here. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to alter a FinFun monofin. I don't like the lack of stability the fabric top gives and it makes my feet cramp over time. I was toying around with the idea of glueing in rubber foot pockets from actual swim fins but wanted to hear what other people have tried before I jumped in (get it??? I'm the worst...). Thanks in advance!

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    I made three mods.
    First, I bent it, making an angled monofin. The bend is right at my toes. 20 to 30 degrees seems to work best. This helps, as I cannot point my toes that well.
    Next, I added a stiffening plate to the area where my feet are.
    Finally, I added an extra neoprene strap that helps hold my feet to monofin.

    I have thought about adding foot pockets. But, the current neoprene cover helps pad the monofin, reducing wear on the fabric skin. If I added foot pockets, its not clear what I would do about the neoprene cover. Setting it aside would increase wear of the skin. I might be able to cut larger holes in it, but if I mis-cut, the cover will not stay in place, and slip off my heels.

    Oh, the monofin is made from polypropylene, and is very non-sticky. Glue will be an issue. I would use stainless steel bolts.
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    I use the Virtuosew monofin stabilizer!

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