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Thread: Making of my Splash Mermaid Tail!

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    Making of my Splash Mermaid Tail!

    Hey guys! Thought I would share this work in progress video of how I made my Splash tail!

    This tail is based on Madison's tail from the movie Splash with a few modifications to fit my style. Using the new adult size Mermaid Linden monofin, this tail features a blended waistband and vibrant scales that line up nicely along the seams. I've already been swimming in it and can say that it has a nice flow and feels great in the water.

    I designed this tail myself and I will have a swimming video out later this month!

    I am open for mermaid tail commissions for the Luna, the Mahina and the Mermaid Linden fin (all adult sizes only). My tails are totally custom and made to your measurements! All the information is available at!


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    What are the odds you'll do a video of your graphic design process instead of your sewing process sometime?

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    Unfortunately these files are so large that recording while I'm working is next to impossible at the later design stages. I am working on an ebook with all the information on how I do it.

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    I just saw it, it looks amazing! :0


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