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Thread: Greetings from Finland :)

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    Greetings from Finland :)

    Hiya and nice to meet you! I don't have a mername yet, so I figured I'd go by my more common online nickname for now.

    I'm new to mermaiding, although I've been swimming with a monofin for a few years now. Looking back, I suppose I sort of did this sloooow slide into mermaid-y stuff, starting with preferring dolphin kick when I was a kid to learning scubadiving as a teen, then graduating from flippers into a monofin at about 20 years old. The idea of a mermaid was always at the back of it. ^^ A week or so ago I ordered a Finfolk Productions fabric tail online, and am anticipating the confused letter from the customs office in another few weeks. Import fees, hooray... xD

    In the more mundane world I'm a marine biology major at university, hoping to get my MSc by Christmas (unlikely, but one can dream!). My other hobbies include the aforementioned scuba diving, playing the flute, gaming (mostly MMO's and Divinity Original Sin 2 right now, although I also have a project to do a full Witcher series playthrough next time I have some vacation), tabletop roleplaying (starting out as a D&D 5e DM) and a bunch of more seasonal and/or infrequent experiments like archery, drawing, knitting and spinning (as in the creation of yarn).

    Looking forward to confusing people at my local pool in western Finland soon. ^^
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    Welcome, SnowFaerie!
    I'm sure you'll find the perfect name that resonates with you in time. SnowFaerie is a lovely one though! ♥
    Which FinFolk tail did you go with? All are SO beautiful!

    Hope you enjoy the sweetest of mermaid moments! ♥


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    Thank you, Ocean and Phantom! And thank you for the compliment, too. Snowfaerie is such an old name for me, it comes with a lot of history attached, and the fae tend to have more of a forest / hill theme anyways. Usually friends just shorten it to Snow, though. I wonder if Snowfin would work... or something like Halla (Finnish for the kind of chill / frost that can damage plants during growth season). I dunno, I still like Snowfaerie too. xD

    I went with a misprint Glaucus Atlanticus. Probably going to order more later, but one step at a time. ^^ (Also, some more saving up will be required.)

    Also, I like your mermaiding videos on youtube, Phantom! Your tail is gorgeous.

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