Okay, so I have seen a few fellow mers using signs at events to tell who they are and how much their services cost (ex: $10 for a signed picture, tips appreciated, ect.) That is a GREAT idea! However, my brain is constantly working and coming up with crazy things that make my life more hectic. THANK YOU BRAIN!!

Anyways, I took some time to think about how a sign for busking could be altered so that it brings in MORE revenue and while also increasing the number of business cards passed out WITHOUT the merm having to actively pass out cards... since that takes away from interaction time!

I created a video showing how to create such a sign and have used mine at many events. I also put it out when swimming sometimes, so that people know my name and where to find out more about what I do if they are unable to yell loud enough for me to hear them while swimming. Of course... always check about busking rules in the area you're planning to set up camp in before doing so.

But yeaaaaahhhh.... hope this Mermaid/ Merman sign comes in handy for you fishies! Mine goes everywhere with me!

Feel free to share pictures of yours so others can get ideas!

XOXO- Phantom