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Thread: Swimtails Fraud? Paid for a top and it never came

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    Swimtails Fraud? Paid for a top and it never came

    Hey everyone, I've gone off mernetwork for a while to focus on school, but I decided to come back to ask/warn about my experience.

    I've been having some real trouble with swimtails lately. So I ordered a fusion betta tail in june of this summer and it arrived in less than a month. It's so beautiful and swimtails does such a good job with them. In love, I decided to treat myself to a matching top from their new line as a back to school gift. It was somewhere around $80, for a top! On the description it tells me that it would take a while to get here, withing 2-4 weeks. Well, it has been 2 months, and nothing has turned up in my box.

    Like I said I'm a loyal customer. I didn't want to jump to conclusions because they were so good the first time, so I sent them an email to see where my top was. All it said in the order status was "processing", so it wasn't lost in the mail. I got an automatic response a few hours later saying they'd put me in contact with a representative in the next day or so. That was 2 weeks ago. I tried calling their number just now and yep, you guessed it, nobody picked up the phone. I don't understand what is going on, because this is how scammer tailmakers would behave. They took my money and disappeared.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this?? I don't know what to do..

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    I ordered 800 aud worth of things back in august and still not even made..

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    I'm filing a complaint on BBB since it seems that is the only place they are responding to anyone. This is just disappointing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by .MermaidSophia. View Post
    I'm filing a complaint on BBB since it seems that is the only place they are responding to anyone. This is just disappointing...
    They also respond on instagram but not to actually resolve, so far I have just had excuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by .MermaidSophia. View Post
    I'm filing a complaint on BBB since it seems that is the only place they are responding to anyone. This is just disappointing...
    the BBB is actually just yelp and does nothing. you have to pay to be on their stuff
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    From the official instagram...
    I'm never seeing this order Name:  Screenshot_20181106-081500_Instagram.jpg
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    Here's another one that is pinned Name:  Screenshot_20181106-082114_Instagram.jpg
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    I purchases a skeleton tail in early October. After contacting them on FB around 10/27, they responded asking for my order #. I have messaged several times and have gotten no response. I also emailed. I went back into my Paypal, and noticed that the payment went to a "Ryan Newman" and was actually a completely different website, even though the item listed I bought was a tail. When I go to swimtails now, I cannot find an option for Paypal. Anyone have this problem? I am thinking maybe the site was hacked at one point and orders a payments went to someone else?

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    They've confirmed that their Instagram was hacked, but I don't think that would extend to the regular site. Maybe if you reach out through social media you might get someone else?

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    Their instagram was used by an employee to tell some hard truths before they left. Luckily that means they probably aren't shutting down?

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    I have messaged on FB, Instagram, posted on their FB posts, emailed, and messaged on Paypal with no response. Awful customer service right now. I filed my dispute via Paypal.

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    that is awful, but it doesnt explain why they are not responding to customers? sigh

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    So here's my take on it, keep in mind this is my EDUCATED GUESS and shouldn't be used as a formal statement on what's happening.

    I 100% believe it was the wife who made the posts. The co-owner of the business. There have been multiple complaints about how her husband handles business and social media on FB and I think a few posts somewhere here too, and on instagram. One of the now deleted posts said something like "how could he do this to me, this business was my baby" that is not the type of thing a random hacker does (random hackers don't make stories, come on now folks) and I really don't believe a rando employee got access to their instagram either. Nor that they'd go through such an elaborate thing.

    I think the "hacking" was the husband regaining control of the account, locking his wife out, and trying to do damage control. I do believe he probably cheated on his wife, I have sadly seen this go down a few times in the mer industry husband/wife partners that own businesses. Anyone remember... Mermagica?

    I personally messaged the wife and said I was really sorry to see the posts and I sent her some encouraging messages. The discounts and liquidation of items is still up, and orders are still back ordered.

    So regardless of their personal situation (sorry I do not believe for a second it's a *hacking*) the current company state is not good. There are also reports all over the BBB and some google searching is showing up a lot of complaints about undelivered product, and the husband being awful to customers.

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    Oh i really hope i get my tail...i had a friend help me get it after reading good reviews :'( it wasn't cheap either it was a betta

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    Adding my name to the list. Ordered on Oct. 4 when it was saying 4~5 days shipping. When I had no word on the 15th, I messaged over FB and was told there was a delay in getting material. I've heard nothing since. I've tried 3x over facebook, two emails (the first generating an automated reply that a ticket was opened) and a direct phone call that rang until it went back to the start of the phone system.

    I'm not very hopeful, but I'll give them until the end of the week before I do a CC charge back.

    Sad state all around, I had such a great experience on my first order.

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    I ordered a blue siren tail on September 19th and was so excited because this will be my first tail and now from watching the Insta post and this forum, am really hoping we all haven't been screwed out of our purchases. I really hope the situation is resolved soon for all of our sakes.
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    Ok. Not saying Raina is wrong about what happened, because I don't know.

    But swimtails specifically has a business model where tails take around 6 weeks to complete. This is because they don't keep actual, ready to ship tails in stock, they keep a screen printed "tail blank" that they cut to size, see, and ship. If you're bigger than a standard size, which I was when I started swimming, this is a huge deal

    From what I've seen, they don't do an awesome job of advertising this, but customer service is pretty good about updating you if you email, though they've probably gotten a lot of tickets in the next system from the Instagram hack.

    I'll admit, I feel personally invested because I don't feel like I would have kept mermaiding if a mass market plus sized option wasn't available, so I really hope they pull through this.

    If it were me, I would check on the deadline to file a charge back. If it was close, and I'd emailed customer service with no response, I would initiate the charge back, because that's the best way to protect yourself. But if you have time, I think they're worth giving what time you have.

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    From the email I received on Oct. 4, 2018;

    Your order has been received and is now being processed. Please allow up to 5-14 Business Days before your product ships. (Not Including Weekends) All Mermaid Tails are made to order here in Colorado, USA.
    I asked on Facebook on Oct. 15, 2018 asking for an update;

    Alrighty. We are still trucking away on your order of the electric dream tail. We are having some more delays with receiving fabric, so it is going to take a little bit longer than normal to get this made and sent.
    OK, fine I thought. I left it alone. On Oct. 18th, I got a second email about 10% off orders, and asked if my existing order could receive the discount. I got no reply, so I just assumed that was their "no".

    On Oct. 25, I again asked for an update on my order. At that point, it had well exceeded the initial "14 days, not counting weekends". As before, no response at all.

    On Oct. 31, I sent an email via their support system asking for an update and I got this automated reply;

    We would like to acknowledge that we have received your request and a ticket has been created.
    A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 24 hours).
    I followed up again on FB yesterday, and still no response. I also replied to the automated message, and heard nothing in return.

    Either they are incapable or unwilling to respond to customers. If there is a legit reason for delays, fine, tell us. Being completely stone-walled is not acceptable.

    I've decided that if I have not heard something reasonable by Friday, I will proceed with a credit card charge back (and I've indicated I would do this in a final email I sent yesterday).

    I don't know what the real story is, but I am also starting not to care, either. I have empathy if there are personal issues... If there was an affair, then that's terrible and I genuinely feel bad for her. These feelings though are, by necessity, separate from business. If they had any concern for customers or the long-term viability of their business, they have to communicate (directly or publicly) to customers. They need to indicate when customers can either expect product or refunds. We trusted them with our money.

    And for reference; I am a business owner and I had to keep my business going during and through the break-up of my marriage. It sucks, badly, but that's part of the job when you go into business. You can't just walk away and expect everything to be OK when you decide you're ready to return.

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    Swimtails messaged me (and others with similar messages);

    Hello Madison, we apologize about the delay, we will begin shipping late next week and it looks like your order is on priority and will be shipped as such, one it does you will receive email notification
    I'm cautiously optimistic. I had asked to cancel my order and, barring a reply, would request a charge-back. Given they did reply before Friday (if just), I've decided to wait another week. If they actually ship, excellent. I genuine hope they're getting back on their feet.

    If I don't get a shipping confirmation by the end of next week, then I'll have to assume this is a stalling tactic. I genuinely hope that's not the case. They do make a great tail... Fingers crossed.

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