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Thread: Swimtails Fraud? Paid for a top and it never came

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidFinley View Post
    So update on the whole Swimtails front. I'm not sure just how new of a development this is but it looks like their website has undergone a pretty impressive overhaul; especially on the mobile front. It also appears that they're taking paypal again! Maybe they really are trying to fix things now.
    Their website looks no different and I see no paypal when I pretend to buy and checkout. Where do you see paypal?

    I gave up on them. If I am going to pay that much for a tail, it's gonna be for another Whimsy from Mertailor.

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    I see new tail skins, nothing different on mobile on my end either, and no paypal .

    I'll refresh my cache but you may have caught it during a test. I've checked mertailor as they were doing site updates. It was interesting
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    I don't see anything new either. But Hey if they do all that, awesome

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