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Thread: Picnic with mer friends[emoji4]

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    Picnic with mer friends

    Funn day

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    I apologise the photo quality may not be too good but I hope you like them anyway

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    My camera was throwing a tantrum I swear

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    Very sweet! Your camera may have a crack in the lens creating light leaks. I think the light leaks actually add to the nostalgia of the photo. Everyone looks so cute! it looks like you guys had a blast!

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    Thank you all... It was chaotic yet quite funn!!

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    To add to the fun...Their(The owner's of the place) pet adult male aggressive macaque got himself somehow loose from his rope at the beginning of the day(I had reached first and was waiting for everyone else to arrive) and even faster than the blink of an eye, out of the blue the caretaker of the place-the lady ran towards me as I was standing at the lounge cabin door and screamed "the monkey got loose".You can only imagine my sheer fright(as I have a big fear of apes and monkeys).We quickly locked ourselves in and closed all the windows too. Until finally I saw with my own eyes that the owner finally caught him and locked him in a cage that I dare to venture out of the cabin...Wheww!! ...I only wished that ...that had happened later after my friends arrived.. Heh hehh...It would have been sheer mayhem and double the fun

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    Introducing mr. culprit who gave me such a fright(before he got himself free).

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