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Thread: Hi from wa state

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    Hi from wa state

    Hello all i recently finally ordered my tail as motivation to learn to swim! Im extremely excited for it to get here!

    If any mers are around pierce cty id love to chat

    I've always wanted to swim like a mermaid and once i discovered these tails existed it was all i started talking about ^_^ sadly the tail i ordered takes a while so my friends and family are now banning all mermaid talk!

    Im disabled and had pretty much given up on most excersize and physical activity but learning how many different people are able to use these really inspired me to do more research until i determined i could do it to!

    Thanks for everyone who shares this passion with the world... that's how i found out about mermaiding!

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    hello and welcome! there's a pod in seattle, but not sure about tacoma. there are some mers scattered around eastern washington, then of course me over here on the coast.
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