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Thread: Kiwi mer pod!

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    Kiwi mer pod!

    Hi! Thought we should make a thread so that NZ mers can find each other

    We had a mini meet up today at Mathesons Bay in Auckland, any other mermaids around the country?

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    Following up Courtney's post, hiya!
    I was at the meetup yesterday. (Yellow leatherjacket fish tail in the middle. Made it myself!)
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    If anyone else is around about the country then totally get in touch! I'd love to arrange more meetups for the pod to get to know one-another!

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    Hi! I'm down in the Wairarapa. It'd be awesome to be able to meet up sometime!

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    Merman Nyola and I will be, all things going swell, heading across to Wellington for Worldcon next year. Hope to sea some otter mers around the plaice!


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