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Thread: Fintastic fin flipping Friday !!! Omg !!!! Yes !!!!

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    Fintastic fin flipping Friday !!! Omg !!!! Yes !!!!

    I just want to vent some of my extreme excitement here you guys !!!

    So everyone knows about the sales today for Black Friday and Finfolk doing a big sale !!!

    So I finally got a fin folk fabric tail !!! AHE misprint !!! when I tryed to order a regular AHE at launch I hit the wrong size out of excitement so I had to get a refund and by the time I could reorder all the larger sizes were sold out! But I logged on today thinking I might just get the holiday box but I saw a misprint AHE in my size and had to have it !!! So I am getting my first neoprene tail and first large fluke tail sooooo freaking excited !!!!!!

    Excellent timeing to as I had a very very bad and upsetting thanks giving this was the lift my spirit needed !!!! And I got to get a holiday box to !!!! So happy so so happy !!!! Canít wait for it to arrive !!! And if it arrives around Christmas witch is also hard for me I might get a second day of bliss yay !!!!

    I love my current mertailor fabric and fantasea fin itís amazeing !!! But Iíve always wanted a funk folk in beautiful colors with stripes !!! Now I just have to get in shape for my Mernation tail !!! But still nothing can ruin my day today !!!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful thanks giving and a good Black Friday !!! And will have a merry Christmas you are all special and amazing !!! The mer-community is the best !!!!!

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    Congrats! I'm so jealous! I really wanted to get a box, but they sold out so fast O_O


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