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Thread: Silicone help!

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    HELP! Silicone problems :(

    I have just repainted an old tail of mine, itís needed for a music video deadline Friday!! But there are a few patches where I have cure inhibition. Seemed to be where the monofin was, even though I removed and thoroughly washed the area!!!!!.....😱

    Is there anything I can coat the tail to seal it in? Anything I can doooo?????? Anything!?

    I cannot lose this project, itís so big for me! 😢😢😢
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    Quote Originally Posted by KernowMermaid View Post
    Is there anything I can coat the tail to seal it in? Anything I can doooo?????? Anything!?😢😢😢
    I don't know how bad your uncured area is, but if its just a bit "tacky" or peeling, this might help. (Tacky being that when you touch it, the paint doesn't come off on your fingers, rather you feel a stickiness of the surface)
    A quick solution for this is to squeeze out some Silpoxy into a plastic cup and add mineral spirits or NOVOCS to the Silpoxy and mix thoroughly (add 10-15% of the volume of Silpoxy). This will thin the Silpoxy a bit. Once mixed, take a brush and apply an even coat to the uncured area. You can repeat this a couple times between curing if desired.
    The Silpoxy will be glossy by default and the brush may leave texture when applying the mixture. This is really just a quick fix to that problem and it won't look flawless by any means.

    If the area you are dealing with is completely uncured and not even at a "tacky" stage, you might have to redo that area completely because this idea won't help. IF you do repaint it, I'd suggest cleaning that area off completely with Mineral Spirits and then doing the Silpoxy brushed mixture on that area BEFORE you paint it again.

    Good luck!

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    Oh- one more thing. If you're really in a bind and you can't find any Silpoxy in time, clear GE silicone II or marine caulking would work in its place. These are NOT ideal due to the low quality but again, they will do the trick if you're really desperate.


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