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Thread: How to not get water up ur nose...

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    How to not get water up ur nose...

    What is a good way to learn how not to get water up your nose while dolphin kicking (my kick has a big motion) or while flipping?

    I can't find a nose clip that i like (or will fit on my nose), so I've switched to a scuba mask, but that's not very mermaidy so I would like to learn to swim without goggles or anything.
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    When I dolphin kick on the surface, I exhale through my nose. Even when diving, I will exhale just a bit while going down to push the water out. So, practice that.
    Your other options: Practice letting the water get in and get use to it. Or, get sinus savers, which were designed with fit and looks in mind.
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    I breathe out through my nose. When diving straight down I exhale minimally, but flipping and things like that I exhale more.

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    Usually on my initial dive I'll puff out some air through the nose, and that usually is enough to prevent water backdrafting up into my sinuses because it creates a small air barrier while the nose is pointed forward, but when I'm doing a slow turn that would cause water to go up there, I will then exhale a little. There have been times I've simply gritted my teeth and let the water go all the way in, but you need to be careful which pool you do it in. Pools that see infrequent use, or are not 100% chlorine, are less likely to have harsher chemicals compared to say, thermal therapy pools that parents take their kids into.

    I made the mistake of doing that in the local YMCA's therapy pool, and while it felt like swimming in sheer bathwater, the fire that lit up my nose was absolutely ungodly to the point I sat curled on the steps while in tail for a while until the burning settled down. After that I usually do quick twists, or gradually puff out air if I have to do a slower rotation.

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    Hum a pretty melody, a dirty sea shanty or just hum noisily, it all works.

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