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Thread: Penélope Cruz Swimming in a Gold Silicone Mermaid Tail!

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    Talking Penélope Cruz Swimming in a Gold Silicone Mermaid Tail!

    Penélope Cruz wears a custom designed silicone mermaid tail by AquaMermaid in a commercial for an Italian travel company (or cruise line?) I'm not sure!

    It's super beautiful though! I love the giant flowy fluke and the iridescent gold 😍

    Here's the link:

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    Me too! I love her swimsuit too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Jaffa View Post
    Me too! I love her swimsuit too!
    That's gorgeous!

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    Too cool!

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    aquamermaid doesn't make silicone tails, they're outsourced to a company here's their post about it on fb I am not sure if she makes a commission on referrals or what, but it isn't "aqua mermaid" making the tails it's Cynthia Brault.

    The tail is really beautiful and I love it paired with the gems. There's some behind the scenes videos on the tail makers page and posts too.

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    well, "aquamermaid" claims she makes the tails and even uses the video to advertize her shop:


    AquaMermaid 3 days ago

    The beautiful gold silicone mermaid tail is made by us, AquaMermaid! Head to for custom made designs!"

    very nice clip though. Even if it looks like Cruz did no actual swimming. I would have preferred to see the real mermaid over a celebrity.

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    yeah marielle doesn't make them, not sure why she lets people think she does. all of her tails are outsourced. It says right one the aquamermaid website: "Exclusive AquaMermaid design created by Cyntault Creations".And there's loads of behind the scenes of the actual tail maker making Marielle's tails right on her actual page that I linked. The post on FB for the penelope video says:
    Mermaid Tail (Mermaid Tail): Cyntault Créations
    Modal (Model): Penélope Cruz
    Retailer (retailer): AquaSirène

    I found this all out because the actual artist made tails for my friend Ben Von Wong who did the famous mermaid + plastic water bottle shoot.

    You can see a post here explaining she makes the tails: the tail maker has been making tails since before marielle even tried one and started her business.

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    Marielle's year end video shows her opening boxes of tails from China and she goes on about inspecting them, repackaging them and sending them off to an Amazon Fulfillment center so she doesn't have to ship them herself.

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