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Thread: The Swim school on TV

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    The Swim school on TV

    that didn't go well... -_- she only spent 3000$ (less than I spent on one tail) on her company, thinks it's worth 3mil, and asked for 300,000. Also, I love that she claims to be the first and only when we've been doing it since 2010, and others before us longer. Oh the issues I have with this woman.

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    Greedy gold digger. Its all I can say, honestly.
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    I havent even got a company and ive invested more money into mermaiding than this. Someone was living in dream land

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    $3000 somehow got to 3million in worth??????
    doesn't even make sense
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    ��.... Ugh.
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    god I got more into my full body tail at this point then that

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    Wow, she went in SO unprepared. No solid numbers at ALL. And like you guys said, I spent more than $3k on my tail (and remember 3k USD is $2,187 in CAD right now). She went in with ridiculous figures and expectations, and no numbers to back up anything. If I were them in that situation, I'd laugh at her too! "I put in 3k into my business and so it's worth 3mil and you can pay 300,000 for 10%"?? Not to be mean but just, yeah.. Geez.

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    Is this a Canadian show? I've never heard of Dragon Dollars before...I have heard of Shark Tank but that's for inventions right?
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    Dragon's Den* is the canadian equivalent of Sharktank in which business owners offer potential investors a sales pitch.

    Then they give them a presentation, show them the product and the investors decide if they want to go for it.

    It may include innovative technology and new inventions. Not always the case.
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    Does mermaid kishiko know that's she's on aquamermaids instagram?
    Theres another mermaid who's name I can't recall and can't find anywhere who's also on there. But I've seen her on mernetwork.
    Theres no tag as to who they are.
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    Looks like Lilium. I just tagged her on it. Seems like they just took pictures from merfest and mermania.

    Go get em, Pearlie!

    Edit: ended up tagging both of them

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    Lilium Yes....! That's her, it was on the tip of my tongue and been annoying me that I couldn't remember.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Enora View Post
    $3000 somehow got to 3million in worth?????? doesn't even make sense
    Common Core math?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merman Dan View Post
    Common Core math?

    well the Instagram pics are gone now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Enora View Post

    well the Instagram pics are gone now.
    Noticed that.
    Kinda lame using people's pics, implying they are associated with your business, then not crediting them or the photographers.

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    I think there are aspiring professional tailmakers who have posted on this forum and been told that they're totally unprepared that have spent more building a business then this woman.

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    We have had MANY issues with Marielle here in Canada, gather round children.

    1, she got her start by stealing Mermaid Linden's website (literally cloned it), photos, and video and giving it to the Canadian media outlets and some American ones, claiming it was her swim school. She stole content from other mermaids too. She gave it to the media as if it was her. And so the media in Canada had never seen anything like Linden and jumped all over that and she went viral and her "school" was seen as a success. All with stolen content. I helped Linden get it down and retractions printed, but by then too late. This is spoken about in a news article (what she did to Linden) here,

    2. She calls herself the only mermaid school and the first. This is untrue. our company has had a mobile mermaid school since 2010 and our registered INC long before her. But even before us, there are mermaid schools dating back to 2002, one even run by a former Olympian. They were weekly sessions and summer camps at a lake. She called herself this in the Dargon's Den Video, and all over media, and on her twitter. I recently called her out on it.

    3. IN one of her news articles she claimed to have only been swimming in a mermaid tail for 2 weeks after doing a photo shoot when she launched her "school", but she has now started claiming she's been at it for years.

    4. In a VICE article she expressed happiness over the monofin bans because it will force people to come to her schools.

    5. At mermania, she followed everyone around with a camera. She came to my workshop for free, filmed it, and tried to put it online even though I told her no, that's my content, you don't have my permission, and people paid for that. I eventually had to get the mermania staff to tell her this. Mermania has decided that because of her breech she isn't welcome again, and they have to rethink their policy about filming. I also personally feel that she used mermania as a chance to grab one of Linden's fins to figure out how she makes them, as LInden's fins have been back ordered since July and were very hard to get in Canada. And there were many of them at mermania lying out for kids to use.

    6. Mermaid Linden sponsored mermania, and Marielle came which was an after the fact conflict of interest because mermania weren't aware of that happening. They told her she was not allowed to solicit for her school (which is set up like a pyramid scheme) but she did constantly anyway.

    7. She recently launched a kickstarter which has numerous issues with it that I'll break down here.

    a) She took content from mermania without permission from people involved, and used it to make it look like her swim school and endorse her product. People have asked her to remove them from it. She hasn't.
    b) she took existing product and is claiming to have invented it. Such as the inserts for monofins created by linden/body glove. She legit just took them out of linden's tails and put them in hers.
    c) her "monofins" are cutdown finis fins. I confirmed with the person who actually did the cutting for her. She is claiming to have created these monofins and asking for backers to sell them.
    d) her entire video features other companies monofins as if she created them
    e) it has come to light that she has stolen patented information/product from another Canadian for this project, and that Canadian is taking her to court over it, and trying to get the kickstarter stopped.

    8. She has been using other people's content on her instagram, FB, and twitter to promote her own work.

    9. when confronted about these things she frequently lies.

    10. We run a group for mermaids in Canada and have had many complaints from people who have taken her class, and people who have worked for her and weren't paid.

    11. While she tries to come off like a huge success, we follow her enrollment for her classes on her websites. She often has all of 3 participants in a week. And often classes are cancelled.

    12. She lied on Dragon's Den. She says she has 5 swimschools in Canada. She does not. We checked the registry. She has one on Toronto. One in montreal. She claims to have one on Ottawa but we could find no proof of it actually happening.

    One of my biggest concerns here again, is dealing with the monofin ban and having her put kids in cut finis fins. it's not a matter of competition for us. Canada is a big country, but less people than california. Every issue for mermaids totally bombs our fragile system. We have worked and other mermaids have worked over a decade and only recently just been able to get the field to be taken seriously. She hurts us all with this recklessness.

    Some Screen Shots...
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    Applause. Applause all around.
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