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Thread: Silicone Green Period

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    Silicone Green Period

    I've been researching this every which way I can think. I've come across a few other threads ask g for similar advice, but no results or pictures.

    I'm working on my silicone tail slowly and it dawned on me my silicone is past it's green period. How in the shell am I going to paint it now? How do I work around the green period limitation and be certain the pigments will stick? I'm kinda sorta panicking atm.

    If you've done this, please post your results!


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    Update because I'm impatient and want to log my progress for future searchers:

    I cleaned a fin with naphtha and acetone. Once it was dry, I applied a thin airbrushed mixture of naphtha, silpoxy, and pigments. So far, I am not observing any peeling. It is possible the chemicals opened back up the silicone and are allowing bonding. Once I've given it several hours I'm going to go test it in the bath tub. Progress will be updated.

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    FYI, Smoothon has a phone number you can call specifically for questions like this they're actually super cool and encourage it. I have called them about issues and questions~!

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    Oh that's awesome. I may have to give them a call!

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    ​what were the results of you test Oracle? i think my silicone may be past its green period too so im hoping your method worked for future referance

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    It's worked just fine. I've been able to repaint and add more silicone as needed with no cure problems. I am not certain about heavy use though, as to whether using it a lot will make the added layers peel off or not.

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