At the end of this month I will o-fish-ally be launching my Patreon. I already have a number of "early bird" subscribers- which is mer-mazing! You can join my patreon for as little as 2$ a month to gain access to mermaid program planning materials, exclusive tutorials, extended reviews, early access to new content and more. At the higher levels you get entered into give-a-ways, get my books at a much cheaper price, exclusive online workshops not available anywhere else, exclusive merch (clothing, mugs etc), and more. For people who may want personal mentorship from me or help with their business plans, there's tiers for that too.

My main goal with patreon funds into improve the quality of my videos, obtain materials for reviews, and eventually hire a studio to help me produce a very polished podcast. There are a few podcasts out there already but I've had a lot of great mentoring and planning to be sure mine is unique.

So check it out! If you aren't sure if you'd want to pledge, you can still "watch" the account and be notified of things you might be interested in- and when it o-fish-ally launches on the 31st!