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Thread: Attention all Northern Georgia Mermaids!

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    Attention all Northern Georgia Mermaids!

    Hi! Iím fairly new to the Mermaid Network. Iíve been mermaiding for two and a half years now. Iím about 12 years old. Just wondering if later this spring or summer of 2019, if anyone wanted to have a mermaid meetup. I am mostly saying this to mermaids around the ages of 10-15 but if youíre older thatís ok too. I live in northern Atlanta Georgia, Marietta to be exact. Private message me for more info.
    ​Sophie Kelly

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    :000 Ive been looking for someone super close to me and hi!!! I live in kennesaw but im brand new and am working on designing my tail

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    Syriianis Novella~♥


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