Thought to post a new thread rather than resurrect an old one.

If like me and have a couple different tails in different fabrics (silicone and neoprene myself), I found it hard to have a pretty weight belt and to constantly change between 1 and 2.5kg weights. But that problem is over !! I am now offering scallop shell weights that fit onto a standard dive belt that can be added to and removed. They weigh 500g each and thread onto the belt like a regular lead weight so they don't slide. They can also be colour customised with up to 3 colours, please note colours may vary due to screens and if left in the sun for too long ( 2 weeks and a couple of heatwaves later, whoops, and a couple of the colours I have faded a bit). Belt not included but it should fit most 50mm standard dive belts, or if in doubt message me or on my page https://www.facebook.com/Hippocampuscreations

Picture colage of them can be found on my page or my instagram "hippocampus.creations" or if the link works: Shell weights