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Thread: Bali Retreat: May 17th-24th 2019 $1650AUD/per ($1185 USD)

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    Bali Retreat: May 17th-24th 2019 $1650AUD/per ($1185 USD)

    So excited to announce that Coastal Mermaids will be hosting a mermaid retreat to Sanur, Bali on the 17th - 24th of May this year!
    Tickets are $1650 Aud per person and include:

    • Accommodation for 7 nights stay.
    • Workshops by our very own Perth Mermaids and international guests Raina the Halifax Mermaid & Mer-wrangler Sean.
    • Dive lessons.
    • Swimming with beautiful big Manta Rays.
    • Exploring beautiful reefs.
    • Photo-shoots by Coastal Mermaids in stunning locations on land and underwater.
    • Gift bags for all our special guests.
    • And lots of laughs, fun and experiences for all 🌞🧜*♀️🧜*♂️

    Limited spots available!
    Message Coastal Mermaids for ticket info.

    I'll post more updates as they become available!

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    Sounds lovely!
    Well, I'm feeling pretty swish!


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