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Thread: Fabric Tail Alteration help?

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    Fabric Tail Alteration help?

    Hello fellow merfolk! So my parents surprised me with a my first tail for Christmas, a Finfolk fabric tail (the Dark Iris), and when I went for a swim in it, I noticed that it kept slipping down. I measured as a medium, but we didn't realize that sizing down would give for a more appropriate fit (meaning that the next time I want to buy one, I should shoot for a small). Does anyone have any tips when it comes to altering Finfolk fabric tails? My ankles and calves fit perfectly in the water, but from my knees up it slips down and I have to keep pulling it back up. I'd hate to try and do it, only to end up ruining such a gorgeous piece, especially because it is quite an expensive gift, misprint or otherwise.

    I would be grateful for any advice anyone has to offer!

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    I altered my neverland tail because it was too big. I measured myself and drew out where I wanted to cut with tailors chalk. To make the other side symmetrical I just folded the tail in half and the chalk transferred. I sewed it just outside the lines (because if it is too small it's more work trying to unpick it) and tried it on (if it is too big you can sew further in) I still need to overlock the sides. I haven't swum in it yet so I have no idea if it will hold.
    I didn't modify the waistband though so I would have no clue on how to do that.

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    I have to do the same thing. I had to get two sizes too big because of the length!

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