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Thread: New Year, New Merself!

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    New Year, New Merself!

    Hi Everyone! So 2019, for me, is the year that I have finally ordered my first tail! I have always loved mermaids and always wanted a tail, and now I have finally ordered a tail and I am one more fin closer to living my mermaid dreams!

    I am also going to be moving and I am looking to make more Merfriends in the upper East Coast, specifically in the RI, Mass, or CT area. I have joined a few FB groups.

    Looking forward to making more friends here!

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    Nice! What kind of tail did you get?

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    I got the Celtic Green mermaid fin from Finfun to get me started, but mostly because I will be going on a cosplay cruise in March and I will be going as Ariel and we are even going to do an underwater shoot!

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    that sounds like fun!
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