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Thread: Nermaid Faith Meetup in Springfield, MO

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    Nermaid Faith Meetup in Springfield, MO

    Hey there merfolk!! yes i'm not Faith but her and i have been talking about meeting up February 5 and 6th while she's in town with her tour! however I'm in St Louis!!! I need some local Springfield mers to helps us find a pool that will allow us to meet up and enjoy the water. you can message me here or through a DM on my Instagram @sirencedes

    I Really hope and look forward to meeting all that are able to join us!! more details to come once we have a location pinned down.

    ***Update! it looks like our best pool option is going to be a location called Dive ventures it's a $5 entry fee per person and they have a 14ft well that we can swim in along with the pool and there open swim time is from 1 until 3 on Tuesday it looks like***

    here's the facebook link to the event
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